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Welcome to the BTB Elektronik Sales GmbH

The origins of BTB Elektronik reach back to the year 1947, when the engineering buro Eugen Queck was founded. In the peak phase of the tube industry, the company quickly developed into an internationally active enterprise with about 130 employees, as well as two foreign subsidiaries and the own trademark “Standard Brand”. After Eugen Queck’s well-deserved retirement, the company was renamed to BTB Elektronik Vertriebs GmbH in 1981 by the former executives Ballwieser, Thomanek and Bergbauer (BTB). Especially the long experience of Mrs. Thomanek in the sales management, as well as the profound technical knowledge of Mr. Ballwieser helped decisively to lead the company positively and to always satisfy the customers in the difficult post-tube period.

Büro Beratung Röhren
Michael Kaim Röhre

With the passage of time, BTB Elektronik has constantly adapted to the market and its customers. It was recognized that the semiconductor market became more and more difficult in the 1990s due to capital-strong distributors and yet kept on focusing on the well-known tube niche, as usual. Michael Kaim took over the company BTB Elektronik in 2002 and merged it with the company MSF, which made service in the industry of studio technology and music electronics. A modern merchandise management system was introduced and the know-how of MSF allowed modern tube measuring technology. The takeover of RSD Elektronic (founded in 1948 in Frankfurt, later Hofheim) happened in 2009 together with its own brand “RSD”, as well as large parts of the tube stocks of Bürklin, brand “Ultron” and Heinze & Bolek took place in 2012 and 2013. Although electronic tubes have not been used in mass production for decades, they are still needed in the future in high-quality guitar and audio high-end amplifiers, devices of broadcasting and receiver technology, measuring instruments, industrial and military applications, institutes and museums. Manufacturers of electron tubes still exist in Russia, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and the PR of China. Since the Millennium BTB is again regularly and actively involved in new tube developments and therefore constantly provides new products on the market.

1 million tubes in stoc

Through the takeover of RSD Electronic, large parts of the tube stocks of Burklin (Ultron) and Mr. Heinze senior from Coburg, as well as regular purchases of private stocks, we were able to significantly expand our product range.

We supply not only all common amplifier tubes like ECC83 or EL34, but also smallest nuvistor or subminiature tubes up to liquid cooled triodes designed for power up to 500KW.

Also tubes for high frequency drying or high frequency welding, transmitter tubes for professional technology or for radio amateurs, tubes for the tube radio or the jukebox, switching tubes (thyratrons), pulse magnetrons, klystrons, ignitrons, modulator tubes, generator tubes, Geigermüller counter tubes, nixie tubes, or magic eyes are among our tube selection.

If you haven‘t found the tube you‘re looking for on our website we look forward to your call or your mail to: info@btb-elektronik.de

1mio Röhren Lager
Lager Röhren

Tubes distribution since 1947

We have been in the tube business for over 70 years.

This welds us together – forms a large network with communication and innovations.

We also do not neglect environmental protection. Today, we obtain 100% of our energy from green electricity and have reduced energy consumption through modern equipment, a modern building and a sophisticated energy management system by almost half compared to 2006, despite the increased delivery rate of goods.

We also use recycled materials as far as possible for packaging and paper in order to make our contribution to environmental protection.

Ethical principles in the company and, as far as we can influence them, beyond that, are a matter of course for us – our emplyoees are trained annually by an external specialist on the topics of occupational safety, environmental protection and ethics in the company.

By moving our warehouse and administration from Nuremberg to Fürth, we had a good opportunity to optimize our internal logistics.

to optimize our internal logistics. As a result, we now have very short distances between all areas of the company – this allows us to work very effectively and make quick decisions.

We are happy to pass on our many years of experience to our partners so that they can continue to hold their ground in the market with their equipment and products.

Gründer Eugen Queck

Eugen Queck

Heutiger Geschäftsführer Michael Kaim


OEM/CEM Value added Services

Do you have sound-related requests or need personal advice on the subject of tube fitting, because the subject is new territory for you?

Do you have wishes on the subject of handling e.g. discrete delivery to your customer, day-precise delivery, safety stock or Kanban?

Do you need tubes with your own logo and packaging?

Do you need a barcode sticker on packaging or outer packaging, your own label or kitting?

Are you looking for second source for a hard to get type or tube data sheets?

Do you want to have tubes tested according to RoHS or Reach or do you want optical or customer specific matching?

We already fulfill all these services in our daily business. We were also able to realize some new tube developments for our customers.

Please ask us – we will be pleased to find a solution for you.

QM und Messtechnik direkt vor Ort

We feel obliged to deliver flawless goods to our customers exclusively.

We achieve this through integrated quality management. Already in the incoming goods department our products are tested in batches according to AQL ( = Acceptable Quality Level )

If an inspection lot is conspicuous, it will be inspected 100%.

Defective or inadequate goods are returned. These measures ensure that only flawless products are processed and selected at BTB.

Tube technology has become a niche market.

As for today, there is no possibility to buy ready-made measuring technology for selecting and matching tube series, so we have developed and built them ourselves according to the specifications of the market.

This flexibility allows us to select four-digit quantities of tubes per day with high precision, even in case of failure of a measuring machine.

Of course, the selection is carried out under practical conditions in order to ensure flawless functioning during subsequent use.

For the selection of special desired tubes, service cases or smaller orders, special parameters such as Distortion characteristics and noise in the FFT (with and without filter), leakage currents under special conditions, waveforms and of course all tube parameters can be measured by computer control.

Special measurements are performed in high standard with the help of professional equipment from HP, Fluke, Wandel & Goltermann, Amplitrex and Audio Precision.

We hope to have raised your interest and look forward to a good and pleasant cooperation.

Röhren BTB

Do you have any questions? Contact us!