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Interessantes und Wissenswertes rund um das Thema Röhren und Elektrobauteile.

Customized transformer

We are pleased to offer and deliver toroidal transformers according to your own wishes from German production since this year….

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Tribute - Gerhard Haas Experience Electronics,

I met Gerhard Haas for the first time during an annual Elektor expert meeting somewhere in Germany, where he arrived together with his long-time frien…

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Babes in Tube-Land

BTB in Fürth is Germany‘s largest provider of tubes and a real treasure trove for fans of ‘glowing bottles’. HiFi analog met the owner Michael…

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Laird of the valve!

Fascinating is such an inventory—not just on sheer scale but variety—with its stacked crates of Telefunken double triodes or giant Siemens transmi…

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