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Customized transformer

We are pleased to offer and deliver toroidal transformers according to your own wishes from German production since this year.

Please give us the following information:

  • Primary voltage: without specification our standard 230Volt 50Hz is valid
  • Secondary voltages: We need here in each case both the voltage specification [Volt], as well as the current specification [Ampere].
  • You can also specify several voltages or transformer taps, for example 350Volt-300Volt-0Volt-300Volt-350Volt with 0.3Ampere.
  • You can specify a shield winding
  • Please specify the maximum possible height
  • Please specify the maximum possible diameter
  • Please specify the desired quantity (important for calculation)
  • Please indicate if you want standard (with hole), with center potting (central fixing) or potting in cup (central fixing).
  • Please specify if you want standard, or low scatter (small surcharge, but larger)

Please note:

  • For tube amplifiers, it is advisable to slightly over-dimension the total power (10% to 20%), as they usually run in a very warm environment and therefore could otherwise become very hot.
  • The specified secondary voltage refers to the desired rated current, if this is lower, the voltage output is higher (at no load and very low currents 10% to 30%, otherwise about 3% to 10%).
  • If you want to connect windings in parallel, please indicate this separately.
  • For two-way rectification or tube rectification desired double voltages e.g. 400V-0-400V can not be connected directly in parallel (because series connection).
  • These are connected together via the rectification
  • The maximum secondary voltage per winding is 450Volt (reason is the insulation strength)
  • The maximum secondary power with 1 phase is 1500VA
  • Smallest possible secondary voltage: 4Volt (for small voltages below 10V, some tolerance must be taken into account due to the integers of windings).
  • The connections are made with stranded wires, about 20cm long.
  • Please consider the fuse protection (slow) for the inrush current. We recommend a soft start circuit from 400VA
  • We manufacture according to the currently valid legal regulations of the EU (RoHs, Reach, EN) VDE, CSA or UL approvals must be carried out by the customer, if required.
  • We assume no liability for consequential damages or errors. Our general terms and conditions apply, see https://btb-elektronik.de/widerruf-agb/
  • Customized toroidal transformers are specially calculated, calculated and manufactured for them (also single pieces), payment in this case exclusively by prepayment, no return possible
  • Order must be made in writing (mail, contact via the store, fax or mail)
  • Standard delivery time from payment is two to four weeks
  • Warranty: 6 months from date of delivery

We are looking forward to your inquiry and will offer you your desired transformer within a short time.


The BTB Team and Michael Kaim