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Babes in Tube-Land

BTB in Fürth is Germany‘s largest provider of tubes and a real treasure trove for fans of ‘glowing bottles’. HiFi analog met the owner Michael Kaim (above) in his realm of the tubes.

This could be just about any parts-warehouse, but the long shelves at BTB in Fürth, extending up to head-height, house hand-labeled boxes containing all kinds of tubes. Here in the treasure vault of the company, it seems at first glance like there is nothing special, but our host gets tears in his eyes when looking at some of his special treasures. Or maybe he is simply overwhelmed by the sheer quantities: “We have a total of about one million tubes in stock,” Michael Kaim tells us, as we take a picture of him with an old Telefunken medium-wave transmission tube dating back to the end of the 1920s.

–> Click here for the english article about BTB

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